Full-Stack Developer

At Pyrofex, we do things differently: we hire great people, give them the tools to do great things, and expect them to do so. Pyrofex is invested in each team member’s growth; we encourage creative solutions and foster a workplace that celebrates accomplishments and hard work. Looking to do great things? Seize this opportunity to work with a team of brilliant engineers developing world-changing technology; Pyrofex is hiring.

About us

As Utah Valley’s first cryptocurrency startup, founded in 2016 by ex-Googlers Mike Stay and Nash Foster, Pyrofex is creating next-generation blockchain platforms that are simple, secure, and always reliable. We take pride in our work. We set high expectations for everyone, from our founders to each team member, and as a result we deliver extraordinary products and services.

At Pyrofex, we hire for strength, not for lack of weakness. We hire for capability and talent, not specific knowledge of a tool or language. We hire people who have a passion for quality and innovation. Each team member achieves great things in an environment supporting both independence and collaboration.

About you

Developing something new requires you to be largely self-motivated on individual assignments and work well in a team, communicating your progress and needs clearly and efficiently. We are sailing in uncharted waters and therefore surprises come, assignments change quickly, and instructions are limited. Great developers will flourish in these situations and get a kick out of working through the mud.

You communicate with end users to determine what features and capabilities they need in potential applications. You develop functional and appealing websites and mobile applications with a focus on usability. You track, test, and analyze software performance. You develop patches and updates to correct glitches and vulnerabilities in existing programs. You create sufficient documentation to make software maintenance and upgrades easier.

About the job

We are hiring web and mobile app developers . Members of this team will design, implement, test, deploy, and manage web sites and mobile applications.

If this sounds like the job for you, e-mail your resume and links to your portfolio to jobs@pyrofex.net.

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